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Welcome to !

American Time Zones is a free service that provides information on the current local time for most major cities in the United States.

I have tried to make this website as useful and as easy to use as possible.


The Time Zone Map shows the current time for the four main US time zones.

When daylight saving time is not in effect the time zone codes are:
PST-Pacific Standard Time
MST-Mountain Standard Time
CST-Central Standard Time
EST-Eastern Standard Time

When daylight saving time is in effect the time zone codes are:
PDT-Pacific Daylight Time
MDT-Mountain Daylight Time
CDT-Central Daylight Time
EDT-Eastern Daylight Time

Arizona remains on Mountain Standard Time all year round.

Most of Indiana remains on Eastern Standard Time all year round.

To find the time for a specific city on the map move your cursor over the stars. The name of each city and state will appear. When you have found the city that you want, click on it.


To get a list of cities and states press the List Cities button. This list includes the states of Alaska and Hawaii which are not shown on the map.

Click on the name of the city to show the local time.